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IT IDIQ Webinar Recording

More than 77% of federal IT contract spending in 2017 will go through IDIQs, making it crucial for companies to understand the contract vehicle landscape. But with over 400 active IDIQs, GWACs and BPAs in use by federal IT buyers, that's a tall order for any business development professional.

This webinar, hosted by Nation Analytics principals Brian Friel and Nick Taborek, aims to give you the information you need to efficiently navigate a complex and fragmented IDIQ environment. We will be presenting the findings of a comprehensive study of the federal IT IDIQ universe based on our proprietary “big data” approach to federal market analysis. The webinar features clear explanations of the major marketplace trends (complete with easily recyclable charts for your own internal presentations) and actionable insights on key re-competes and customer ordering patterns.

Presentation Covers:

  • Status updates on key re-competes including ITSS-5, NETCENTS-2, OASIS On-Ramps
  • Roundup of lesser known re-competes IT business development professionals need to get smart on now
  • Breakdown of IT spending on Blanket Purchase Agreements using our proprietary data set
  • Trends in IDIQ-level evaluations and task order competitions
  • Intel on key agencies to target this year

Purchase of the webinar recording comes with a copy of the presentation slides.