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8(a) STARS II: Game On For New Awardees

Hundreds of new companies have been selected for 8(a) STARS II, giving them access to billions in upcoming orders on the premier contract vehicle for 8(a) eligible contractors. Intended for both new awardees and incumbents, this recorded virtual training will help your company get ready to compete for and win orders. In the session, Nation Analytics’ IDIQ experts Brian Friel and Nick Taborek review the pipeline of task orders likely to come out on 8(a) STARS II, highlight key re-competes where the incumbent has already been off-ramped, identify the toughest competitors, and analyze the keys to complying and thriving. Purchase comes with a copy of the course slides, which can be used in your internal company presentations.

Topics covered include:
- Task order pipeline overview
- Competitive intelligence
- Winning strategies
- Compliance requirements
- Key features of the task order landscape